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*The current version of The Legend of Santa™ is a demo that contains two levels and shows a small picture of what's to come. The paid download contains a local co-op multiplayer mode, with up to four players, while the free download is single-player only. The finished game is planned to have multiple worlds, each with several levels and branching paths, along with many enemies, traps, and power-ups. 


Christmas is just a few days away... and while Santa is out on a trial run in his sleigh, the evil South Pole Troll and his army of Penguins invade the North Pole!

On the way back to his workshop, Santa is blasted out of the sky by one of his very own North Pole defense cannons and is sent spiraling far-off into the distance.

Now Santa must find his way back home, defeat the Troll, and save Christmas!


The Legend of Santa can be played using a controller, the keyboard, or touch controls, but we do recommend using an official Xbox controller. Although any controller using XInput should work, there's no guarantee the button mapping for non-official controllers will always be correct. Since there isn't yet an in-game button mapping screen, so please consider using another software, like JoyToKey (https://joytokey.net/en/), to map your controller's buttons to the keyboard assignments below if your controller isn't compatible.

Move and Duck:

  • Xbox Controller: Dpad or Left Stick
  • Keyboard: WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Touchscreen: Dpad

Jump (hold for higher jumps) and Respawn (multiplayer):

  • Xbox Controller: A or B
  • Keyboard: Spacebar or Z
  • Touchscreen: A

*Hold Move-Up while pressing Jump to jump out of water

Run (hold) and Use Power-up:

  • Xbox Controller: X or Y
  • Keyboard: X or Shift
  • Touchscreen: Automatic


  • Xbox Controller: Start
  • Keyboard: 1
  • Touchscreen: Pause


  • Xbox Controller: A
  • Keyboard: Spacebar or Z
  • Touchscreen: A


  • Xbox Controller: B
  • Keyboard: X or Shift
  • Touchscreen: B


  • Cookie: Collect 100 for an extra life.
  • Hat: An extra life.
  • Outfit: Fills health.
  • Stocking Full of Coal: Endless supply of coal that can be thrown at enemies.


  • 1-4 players (requires compatible controllers for multiplayer)
  • Controller, keyboard, and touchscreen control options
  • Classic 256x224 and widescreen 384x224 in-game resolutions
  • Pixel-perfect, crisp, and soft display options
  • Language support for English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, and Polish

*Level design and difficulty is based on single-player, using a controller, and a 256x224 in-game resolution

Streamlined, intuitive multiplayer

  • Up to four players simultaneously
  • No bumping into or bouncing off other players
  • Respawn at will with a simple button press

Simple, tight, responsive controls

  • Snappy acceleration, jumping, and turning around
  • No jumping from walls or slow falling next to walls
  • No input accidents while running over tile-wide gaps - pressing jump will always jump

Non-stop action

  • No screen freezes when collecting power-ups or getting hit
  • No screen freezes when dying, especially in multiplayer
  • No input accidents due to screen freezes


  • Download a zip labeled "Windows" and unzip 
  • Run “The Legend of Santa Demo.exe”
  • Trust software if prompted. May require clicking "More info" and then "Run anyway"


  • Download a zip labeled "Mac" and unzip
  • Run “The Legend of Santa Demo.app”
  • You may need to go to Settings/Security & Privacy and check "Anywhere" under "Allow apps downloaded from" to be able to run the game. Unfortunately, some versions of macOS do not display this setting by default and may require additional steps.


  • Download an apk
  • If not prompted to install, install the apk using an app such as "File Manager"
  • Run “The Legend of Santa Demo”


  • Any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated!
  • The translations for non-English languages were made by me using translation software. If anything in a translation is incorrect, please feel free to let me know!
  • The demo download with local co-op multiplayer charges a price to maintain "The Legend of Santa" as a trademark . 


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Windows The Legend of Santa Demo.zip 25 MB
Mac The Legend of Santa Demo.zip 34 MB
legacyAndroidOS-thelegendofsantademo.apk 21 MB
1P Windows The Legend of Santa Demo.zip.zip 25 MB

Download demo

1P Windows The Legend of Santa Demo.zip 25 MB
1P Mac The Legend of Santa Demo.zip 34 MB
1p-legacyAndroidOS-thelegendofsantademo.apk 21 MB

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Nice! The gameplay feels just right, and the graphics are nice and clean. Love the world map. I thought that the Coal Stocking power-up was thematically perfect, too! Everything is so incredibly polished, it's just a shame the demo is so short!

If I had some suggestions for multiplayer:

  • It would be more fun if you could bump into each other or jump on each others' heads, like in New Super Mario Bros Wii. My wife and I are both good at platforming games, so we like to compete and try to mess with each other :P
  • I hope there is a way to respawn if one player dies early on in the level!

Looking forward to the full game!

(1 edit)

Thank you for the wonderful comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I definitely plan to keep working on the game and make it a full-size adventure.

I thought a lot about allowing players to bump into each other, but decided not to do it. The main reason is when I play the New Super Mario Bros. games with my kids, they get frustrated when they're trying to do well and happen to bump into someone else, causing them to get hit or die and lose their powerup :D

I do plan to add checkpoints to the game in the near future so that you can respawn mid-level, especially in single-player where you can't respawn at another player's position. I also plan to add the ability to save your progress as the game gets larger.

Thank you again! It's really nice to hear that you found everything felt so polished!